Yoshi is a very popular character in Mario games. He is Mario's best friend, and he eats enemies in front of Mario with his tongue.


Yoshi is one of the most popular video game characters. He has a long tongue he uses to swallow enemies.

In Yoshi's Story, all Yoshis are babies.If a Yoshi in Yoshi's Story eats a pepper, it will lose one heart point.

Appearances and Games

Yoshi first appeared in a game for the Super NES, but was based off of the main character of Devil World. Yoshi is often used in Mario games. Yoshi has got several games: an example is Yoshi's Story, where Baby Yoshis try to find the Super Happy Tree. In that game, the island was transformed into a storybook.

Colours and Moves

Yoshi comes in several colours. An exaple is yellow. The yellow yoshis can make mini earthquakes. One of Yoshi's moves in the Super Smash Bros. series is the Egg Lay. Yoshi will eat anyone, and lay an egg (just like he does with the enemies). Yoshi's egg is white, with green spots. All other yoshis hatch from these kinds of eggs, only the spots tell us what colour is the yoshi.

When Yoshi eats a Koopa Shell, he can shoot fire (if the shell was red), he can spit it out as a weapon (if the shell is green), make the ground shake and kill enemies nearby (if the shell was yellow) and fly if the shell was blue.

However, if Yoshi keeps the shell in his mouth for long, he will swallow it and lose its power.


  • Yoshi's origins can be seen there.